A flexible and effective
one-stop platform for data analysis and digital marketing

Marketing Platform

A secure and reliable
open platform with combined capabilities of data and technology

Smart Data Platform

With more and more enterprises achieving a data-driven transformation,
what are you waiting for?

Game Industry

We provide an effective game analytics system to help users improve game design, carry out precision marketing, and boost income.

A professional game analytics system helps users track customer behavior data.
Precise marketing push notifications help users locate target customers and boost income.
Regular benchmark reports help users understand industry trends.

Financial Planning

Our privately deployed Enterprise Analytics Platform helps users build a full business indicator system and more effectively carry out operations.

A privately deployed platform helps ensure user data privacy.
Channel quality monitoring helps users reduce risks and costs associated with customer acquisition.
Senior operations experts provide users with one-stop solutions.

E-commerce Industry

We provide a data analytics system for the e-commerce industry to track advertising performance, improve channel quality, boost user conversion, and improve ROI.

A well-developed e-commerce operations analysis system helps users optimize business processes.
An upgraded ad performance tracking system helps users identify high-quality channels.
800+ preset data tags help users form accurate target customer insights.

Automotive Industry

We provide an omni-channel marketing platform that connects first party and third party data to expand the target group. We use Lookalike models to expand the customer base and improve the conversion rate of potential customers.

Multi-dimensional portraits of target groups help users gain insights into target groups.
Omni-channel marketing services help users improve their marketing experience.
Leading marketing efficiency monitoring helps users create closed-loop marketing.

Retail Industry

We provide comprehensive data solutions to help users quickly integrate data and solve business problems, including business district marketing and precision marketing.

Traffic flow heat map analysis helps users estimate the proportion of potential customers out of the passenger flow.
Deep machine learning provides online predictive retail data for site selection and forecasting sales.
Our Data Science Studio helps users integrate data assets to support business changes.